from lip service to community service

meet patricia medina, founder of chattypattyTV

I’m Patricia Medina, playfully known as Chatty Patty, and I’m a mother, Air Force veteran and DC metro area native. I’m an aspiring journalist, social media enthusiast, and blogger. I have an associate’s in Health Services Administration, a Bachelor’s in Communications, and I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Journalism. I gained a lot of my experience from creating content for an online radio show for and conducting red carpet interviews for many media outlets. I have served ten years in the military and I spent two years working Foreign Affairs at the Pentagon for the Air Force before I decided to create ChattyPattyTV.

Growing up near the nations capital, I have always had a passion for pop culture, philanthropy, and politics. My deep desire to give back to my community comes from my time spent in foster care and abusive homes as a child.  I witnessed many injustices and men, women, and children discarded by American society. According to statistics, I had a very slim chance of success, but with the help of others, I was able to avoid becoming merely a statistic. My difficult childhood inspired me to become actively involved in enriching minority communities for my children and other children who do not have a voice.

I realized there were other young adults with the same interests, so I decided to create a blog where topics impacting our communities could be discussed. ChattyPattyDC covers entertainment news with a focus on charitable efforts and political involvement. Charities and organizations that aid and uplift will be highlighted weekly to garner more support. Additionally, legislation and other political events that impact our communities will be discussed. I will also highlight the philanthropic efforts and political involvement of the nations celebrities. I want those who are climbing the ladder of success to reach down and help others up. Becoming more aware socially and politically is one step in the right direction. 

It is my goal to encourage young minorities to embrace politics and philanthropy in an effort to better our communities. There are many ways in which we can help one another, and ChattyPattyTV will serve as a platform and catalyst for involvement and change.

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