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If you’re tired of the talk and are ready to take action, ChattyPattyTV invites you to chime in (and SERVE) on national justice-politics and philanthropy important to minority millennials. Based in the Nation’s Capital, with an ear to the Nation’s most underserved streets, ChattyPattyTV sifts through the filters of social media to provide fun, witty, and important perspectives from celebrities and change makers, while empowering you to make a difference in politics and communities that you care about. Move from lip service to community service with ChattyPattyTV. 

Walk the talk with ChattyPattyTV. Learn more about our favorite cause campaigns and charitable programs.

From concerts to charity benefits, ChattyPattyTV keeps you socially networked and in the mix on and offline.

How do your favorite public figures back up their lip service with community service? Find out who’s really about that life.

From civil rights to politics, we spotlight the most relevant figures and discuss the issues that plague our community. 

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