Millennials: How To Become More Active In Your Community

In recent history, many young people have been at the forefront of making positive changes in their nations. Young people are technologically savvy and able to organize and spread information quickly to start a movement. From the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter, young, tech savvy philanthropists organized these protests. Many young adults are eager to contribute but may not know where to start. Do not fret, I have compiled a short list of ways for the young activist to find a worthy cause in their community.

1. Pay attention to the news. Many issues troubling our communities are highlighted in news stories. You may see an issue that’s recurring. It may be something as simple as cleaning up the neighborhoods, or as complex as finding ways to end gun violence in Chicago. The news is a good source for information.
2. Find volunteer opportunities in the community. Volunteering is a good way to meet like-minded individuals who can point you to other opportunities. Volunteering is also a great way to give back to your community and help people in need. (Check out my charity partnershere:
3. Start a cause. Can’t find a cause that you want to support? Start one! Think of a cause that you want to support that would be beneficial to your community and think of solutions. Advertise your cause in classifieds or on social media to garner support.
4. Work with children. The children are the future of our communities. If we can train the children up in the way that they should go, many issues plaguing the communities can be resolved by planting the seed in our children. Volunteer with after school programs or volunteer as a classroom aide. Help mold the minds of our youth.
5. Volunteer with the elderly. While aiding the elderly, they can teach you valuable lessons. Many of our communities senior citizens were alive and well during the civil rights era. If anyone can give us guidance on how to support a cause it would be people who lived through those important eras. Seek wisdom from the elders in your community.

Try these five tips to generate change in your community. Good luck!

What About Black on Black Crime?

What About Black on Black Crime?

Black neighborhoods are over policed due to stereotypical beliefs and the sheer number of people that live within those communities. According to statistics, Blacks are more likely to be arrested, convicted and sentenced than any other race. However, those same statistics would show that Blacks are no more likely to commit crime than whites. Why the disparity?