Let Him Go Eric Benet

This past summer Jay-Z made a lot of women feel like Beyonce with his line "Never go Eric Benet," off his track "Kill Jay-Z" on 4:44. All summer, girls on IG were using Jay’s lyrics to caption their pictures. Of course, all good things must come to an end because men were not here for it. There were a wave of comments analyzing how Halle must not be that great because her relationship with Eric and all her subsequent relationships did not work out (damn, can we have our moment though?). Every man who wanted to feel vindicated for his ex using this caption jumped on the train, essentially dismantling their exes by shading Halle.

They went on to say that Eric married Prince's "ex-wife." Let's be clear, I'm sure she's a lovely woman and a much better fit for Eric than Halle was. However, men stanning for Eric are referring to his wife as "Prince's ex." These men couldn't tell you her name, but they define her greatness by who she was married to and who she is married to now. If they cared about her accomplishments, they would have at least learned her name by now (her name is Manuela Testolini, you're welcome). 

Halle, on the other hand, has accomplishments that stand apart from any man she's ever dated. Many of us can't name her exes outside of Eric, but we do remember her movies (good and bad) and her trendsetting hairstyles. Here's the thing, Halle publicly dated and ended relationships. All of her heartbreaks have played out before our eyes since the 90's. How many men (and women) have countless failed relationships and "situationships" that never played out in public? Maybe Halle is bad at relationships, but her worth as a person should not be predicated on whether she can keep a man.

And how did Eric become the victim here? He was a “sex addict” who didn’t get it together until after Halle left. A lot of us have dated the equivalent of late 90's Eric Benet. The serial cheater, who had no intentions of treating you right. Then later in life, gets it together for the next woman after you've dedicated your time and emotions to him. Many women are afraid of making their significant other better for another woman, but if that person doesn’t value you, sometimes the best thing to do is leave. You are not missing out, trust me. People learn the most from painful lessons. No one should settle for less than they deserve in any relationship.

Let me give you this tidbit of advice: if anyone in your life wants to go "Eric Benet," let them!