Mastery Journal: Update 2

After a two-year break, I’m two classes deep into finishing my master’s degree in Journalism. These past four weeks were pretty tough. I had to find the balance between travel and accomplishing my assignments. Meeting deadlines while completing military training in Bosnia was no easy task. I expected to be more proficient in my interviewing and editing skills than I was this time around.  The requirements increased and the level of editing required became more difficult.

I’ve covered many different events these past few weeks. I had the privilege of covering the Goodman League Basketball Tournament this month. The future of the Goodman League is uncertain so I’m happy that I was able to have the opportunity to cover the event as it may be the last.


I did find it difficult to meet my assignment deadlines this month as there were a greater number of assignments with more research needed. My week two assignment was late and impacted my overall grade tremendously. I’m still pleasantly surprised that I’m able to create, edit and publish my own content and that each class is giving me the tools to do so.