Mastery Journal: Update 3

The past few weeks I have been challenging myself in my latest course towards my Master’s in Journalism. I am completing my final week of Multimedia Reporting, an extension of my previous classes. I thoroughly enjoyed these past four weeks as I became more comfortable with the types of media I feel add to my website. I started this course reluctantly as my facilitator was much more hands off than my previous instructors. My classmates and I are finding our journalistic voices and we finally were able to take the training wheels off. I enjoyed having the freedom to create content that fit my interests and the ability to find my own reporting style. I played with different types of media combinations that fit my desired reporting outcome. I learned how easily I could create infographics with the appropriate information.

I was also challenged to seek highly credible sources for my pieces and learned the differences in new and traditional sources. I learned to better organize my research and interviews and gave up procrastinating. I covered meaningful, newsworthy topics that impact my beat. I saw increased site traffic and social media engagement due to the consistent and thought-provoking content. I published content that I was proud of and sought to submit the highest quality stories.  

Of course, my classmates and I struggled at times to meet our deadlines as we are all juggling school, families, and work. Somehow, we were able to manage and meet our deadlines. We all learned a great deal about balance and how important it is to get an early start on our assignments. We may have been under stress, but our grades reflect the quality of work we all put in.

This class restored my confidence in my journalistic abilities while challenging me to be more thorough in my reporting.

Local Back to School Drive Brings Awareness to Childhood Sexual Abuse


(August 24th, 2019, Washington, DC) Trenell Eaton (pictured left), and partner Kia during their back to school drive.

(August 24th, 2019, Washington, DC) Trenell Eaton (pictured left), and partner Kia during their back to school drive.

On August 24th, 2019, a local Washington, DC charity hosted a back to school drive to highlight childhood sexual assault. Charity organization, I Am Beautiful Because, was initiated in 2017 to bring awareness to childhood sexual assault and aid victims. Founder and CEO, Trenell Eaton, organized the event and warmly greeted each attendee with activities, food and music. The organization also offered young girls informational handouts, backpacks and school supplies. Additionally, the organizers provided the girls with an opportunity to learn how to journal and meditate on positive affirmations.

In previous years, topics like mental health and sexual abuse were taboo in the African American community. Fortunately, tables are turning in light of the Me-Too movement and the public unfolding of celebrity sexual abuse cases. What’s more, Black victims of sexual abuse are less likely to be believed and are at risk of victim shaming. The Georgetown Law Center conducted a study that reported “adults view Black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than their white peers.” Essentially, the study proves that the public at large views Black girls as hypersexual and less worthy of protection.  This negative treatment causes African American victims to be reluctant in coming forward. Many African American women are victimized as children but do not come forward until adulthood. The statistics in the Black community are astounding as 60% of Black girls have experienced sexual assault. For every one that comes forward, approximately fifteen do not.

Organizations like I Am Beautiful Because highlight a prevalent issue in our community and moves the topic to the forefront. Initiatives such as these aides in starting a dialogue that empower young girls to share their stories without fear of reprisal. These initiatives also help prevent childhood sexual assault by equipping parents with the tools they need to maintain vigilance. I am Beautiful Because arms young girls with preventative measures by providing them with the information needed to identify potential threats. Events such as these are signification to the Black community because they empower the most vulnerable of our demographic.